Tad Radzinski is the trusted authority on corporate responsibility. He is a passionate, knowledgeable speaker who understands his audience and can successfully communicate with all levels within an organization. He combines decades of applied experience with an unparalleled understanding of corporate responsibility to demonstrate the true value of a comprehensive sustainability program.

As a speaker, educator and seminar leader, Tad has provided invaluable knowledge and industry-leading insight to diverse audiences Ė including senior executives, young professionals, trade associations, corporate sales teams, plant managers, and supply chains. Tadís keynote topics are innovative, personalized for each audience, and reflect current industry advancements. Speaking expertise examples include:

Upcoming Events:

In addition to speaking at events, Tad often attends and contributes to industry events internationally. Contact Tad if you are attending an event and would like to connect.

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January 17 - May 12:

Teaching: Sustainable Buildings and Operations - Villanova University, Villanova, PA

May 8 - 10:

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council 2017 Summit - Denver, CO

May 22 - 25:

Sustainable Brands '17 Detroit - Detroit, MI