Strengthening the Links in Your Supply Chain

"The Biggest Risk of All is Doing Nothing!"

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Every business is reliant on certain resources to survive. Long-term planning must consider all the factors that can either pose risks or create opportunities throughout a supply chain. Companies today are facing increasing risks to their supply chains that can hinder operations and growth. These risks include the expanding global economy, material shortages, customer sustainability and materials ingredient reporting requirements, new political policies, and even climate change. On the other hand, supply chain optimization is presenting opportunities for innovation and value creation for forward-thinking companies.

This seminar was created for you and your suppliers to come together for one day to examine how sustainability can be further integrated into your supply chain. A strategic plan can reduce impacts across the triple bottom line and deliver tangible business value to your company, as well as your suppliers.


  1. Understanding Your Supply Chain - Identifying Risks, Creating Opportunities
  2. Benchmarking and Measurement: Understanding Your Supply Chain
    (The Key to Transparency and More Sustainable Products)
  3. Advancing Product Innovation: How to Utilize Your Stronger Supply Chain
  4. Supply Chain Integration: Training, Sales, and Marketing
  5. Moving Beyond Supply Chain Responsibility

In addition to vital, industry-leading insight, this seminar provides:

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"[Tad's program is] fantastic; real-world and relevant information that was presented in a straightforward, easy to follow manner. Tad's a compelling speaker, as he's informative AND entertaining; he de-mystifies the path to sustainability from a business perspective, and shows how incorporating this ethic directly benefits the bottom line. I'll be a regular viewer of his content from now on."

Michael S. Di Tizio, Compliance and Standards Specialist,
Canon Solutions America