Over the past 12 years, Tad has cultivated his corporate consulting business, Sustainable Solutions Corporation (SSC). His industry experience presented significant challenges which led to a proven methodology for utilizing corporate responsibility as an integral part of a profitable business plan.

Originally working out of a home office, Tad learned, along with his clients, the difficulties of navigating and implementing a successful sustainability program. With conflicting goals, unclear visions and limited executive support, it was challenging to develop and implement significant sustainability measures.

Through practical experience, Tad determined efficient and effective solutions to provide the greatest value for his clients. Making the distinction between stand-alone sustainability objectives versus a companywide corporate strategy opened doors for a multitude of benefits. Competing goals no longer existed, resulting in increased executive buy-in.

Tad’s program leverages the interconnectivity of corporate responsibility goals and initiatives to ensure maximum value for organizations. By linking objectives and clearly defining a unified corporate vision, SSC provides clients with the focus and tools needed to integrate sustainability into business strategies to guarantee success. Still, corporations worldwide are struggling to find answers, or even ask the right questions. Tad and the SSC Team work in collaboration with each client to develop customized strategies to resolve difficulties and achieve measurable results.

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“Gamesa engaged with Tad and Sustainable Solutions to find creative ways to save on our energy usage and improve the operation of our plant. Tad is obviously an expert in the industry and his deep knowledge allowed him to address our needs holistically. He wasn't married to any particular solution, and wasn't trying to sell us anything, but creatively addressed our plant as a whole and identified the best value solutions for our particular situation.”

Robert Murray,
Strategic Sourcing Manager,